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Paint Removal Systems

When surfaces with ornate relief details such as cornices and friezes build up layers and layers of paint over time the details tend to become obscure and soon disappear. The removal of this paint is almost always essential to bring a room back to life and its original beauty. This is usually done using a special chemical process with a highly alkaline paint stripper. Great care and precision has to be carried out at all times when working with such products as damage to surfaces can be quite common and failure to properly neutralise to surface can result in very poor paint finishes afterwards. Our experience with this process makes us very competent and allows you to relax knowing your property is in safe hands and that the time and care taken by our experienced craftsmen will achieve the best results

Other means of paint removal are by use of a hot air gun or abrasion. When carrying out these processes our experienced tradesmen are trained in depth to work safely and conscientiously at all times to avoid risk of burning substrates and themselves.