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Welcome to Nevin of Edinburgh

Welcome to Nevin of Edinburgh, a professional team of painters and decorators based in Edinburgh. We specialise in all aspects of interior and exterior decorating for commercial and residential customers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth areas (but also undertake specialist projects from the south of England to the north of Scotland). We are one of the leading companies of decorators to properties ranging from substantial period properties renovations such as historic castles, churches, blocks of flats commercial offices and supermarkets - scaling down to the smallest terraced cottage.

Specialist Decoration

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of not only the day to day elements of our craft but also the more detailed and traditional skills. Skills which require a great deal of time and patience aswell as an intricate knowledge of materials and techniques. Through our 40 + years experience we have developed and practised these skills on many projects, these are skills which we endeavour to pass onto our apprentices to encourage the upkeep of these skills.


Conservation and Restoration

We specialise in conserving and restoring period properties and decorative schemes dating back over 300 years old. We have a skilled team who are able to replicate colours and materials. With the aid of our laboratory and microscopic analysis we can determine pigments and also the age of a paint system. Conservation and restoration requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of materials and substrates, along with care and attention to detail to help restore the jobs in question.


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