Mortonhall House, Edinburgh

Mortonhall House was built circa 1769 by Architect John Baxter Jnr for the Trotter family.  It is the centre of the Mortonhall Estate on the southern edge of Edinburgh overlooking the pentland halls.

Nevin of Edinburgh were commisioned by the Trotter family to recreate the original decorative stencil scheme in one of the drawing rooms which was uncovered when over lying walls of wallpaper were removed, the scheme consisted of two types of stencil design represented by the sun and the moon being centre parts encased by a circle of acanthus leaves.  The stencils were finished using 23 3/4 carat gold leaf.  The design pattern alternately repeated itself creating a stunning visual effect in the room.  The ceiling and cornice was picked out and gilded again using 23 3/4 carat gold leaf.  The original decoration was carefully preserved under 1400 grade lining paper and then Nevin of Edinburgh beautifully restored the room to its former splendour.  Around 5000 pages of Gold Leaf were applied during the process and all stencils were traditionally cut by Nevin of Edinburgh's expert team.

The original scheme was decorated by well known Edinburgh decorator Thomas Bonnar esq circa 1840 around the same time he decorated the adjacent Drawing room for another famous Edinburgh Decorator, Mr David Ramsey Hay.

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